Searching within the Sling App — Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I use my AirTV Player remote to access voice commands?
  • Press and release the microphone button, then speak your command.
    AirTV Player remote microphone button
  • Try saying "Watch ESPN" or "Play Big Bang Theory."
  1. What commands are supported by AirTV Player Voice?
  • Playback options include:
  • Say: "Watch ESPN"
  • You can vary the command by saying things like:
  • "ESPN"
  • "Play 'ESPN,' 'Play Modern Family,' 'Play Hunger Games'"
  • "Channel Up/Channel Down"
  • (This feature only works when a live channel is already in use.)
  • Search: If we have the content available you will be directed to it, if we do not, our search function will direct you to more information.
  • "Search for 'Channel Name'/'Show'/'Movie'," for example "Search for TBS"
  • "Show me 'Show'/'Movie'," for example "Show me Modern Family"
  • You can also say the "Show"/"Movie", for example "Star Wars"
  • Recording: You can say:
  • "Play/Pause"
  • "Skip forward" and "Skip backward"
  • "Record"
  • You can also say: "Record 'channel name'," for example "Record ESPN"
  • "Start recording 'channel name'," for example "Start recording CNN"
  • "Stop recording 'channel name'," for example "Stop recording Discovery Channel"
  • Navigation:
  • "Go to 'My TV'"
  • "Go to 'Guide'"
  • "Guide"
  1. What voice commands are not yet supported?
  • "Info"
  • "Closed Caption On/Off" or "CC On/Off"
  • "Options
  • "Recall/Last Channel
  • "Skip <XX> seconds"
  • "Go to <XX> minute"
  1. How do I access my DVR recording by voice?
  • At the present time we support search by Title, therefore a specific episode is not yet accessible by voice. You may still navigate to the recorded series with voice when speaking the name of the series, example, "Survivor" will navigate to all Survivor recordings and then you can proceed from there.

Searching on Google

  1. Hold down the Google button on the remote
    AirTV Player remote Google button
  2. Speak into the remote once the listening screen appears
    Listening screen example