Sling TV's grid guide is now available for AirTV Player

Why AirTV?

Entertainment has outgrown TV as you know it. The movies and shows you love aren't just sent through a cable—they're streamed, they're downloaded, and they come from many different sources.

Join the entertainment revolution while maintaining the same TV experience you know and love, with AirTV.

Watch the TV you want, now

Mix and match your favorite sources of entertainment for a custom experience you're sure to love. Watch local HD sports and news, and access shows and movies from Sling TV®, Netflix and more, all in one place.

Sling TV and Netflix require subscriptions, sold separately.

Integrate local channels

AirTV is the only major streaming platform that integrates local over-the-air (OTA) programming with your streaming services. Just add an AirTV Adapter and an OTA antenna to get local channels like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX in HD, without a monthly cable bill.

Local channel availability varies based upon geography.

Get the same great TV experience

Whether you're streaming your favorite shows or watching local OTA channels, AirTV offers a familiar, user-friendly experience with a modern look and feel.

Meet AirTV—entertainment made simple.

AirTV Player

AirTV Player gives you a single platform for accessing your favorite shows and movies while maintaining the familiar TV experience you love. Get back to the days when entertainment was as simple as turning on the TV and flipping through channels.

AirTV Adapter

AirTV Adapter lets you connect an OTA antenna to your AirTV Player so you can get free local channels in HD to watch alongside Netflix, Sling TV and other entertainment sources on your AirTV Player.

Watching OTA local channels requires AirTV Player, AirTV Adapter and an OTA antenna (each sold separately). Local channel signals vary based on location. Netflix and Sling TV require separate subscriptions and an Internet connection.

Start your AirTV experience now!


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The Engadget team spent a particularly long time debating this category. In the end, though, AirTV's blend of streaming and over-the-air broadcast television won us over. The Sling TV guide neatly organizes live channels alongside Netflix, Android TV apps and whatever networks you can receive for free with an OTA antenna.


Dish's AirTV Player might be the best streaming box for cord cutters yet

Digital Trends

Dish has officially unveiled the device at CES and it looks like it could be one of the best streaming boxes for cord cutters yet. Many of the features here are what you would expect in any Android TV-powered streaming box or TV, with not only preloaded apps like Sling TV and Netflix but full access to the Google Play Store for a ton of other streaming apps. Where the AirTV makes the experience its own is by attempting to seamlessly integrate OTA TV right into its user interface.


Dish's New AirTV Device Combines Streaming 4K Video With Over-The-Air TV


In a way, it's your classic cycle: free, broadcast-through-the-air TV is indeed basically the way you and/or your parents used to watch 35 years ago back when 25" was a big screen and the box had knobs on it. The difference is, now the signals are digital — and now you probably want to mix and match your local news with some Amazon dramas or Netflix documentaries.


Free your
TV from subscriptions

OTA means complete freedom from cable companies and monthly bills.

Leave it to the pros

Every home and every antenna are different. That's why we use expert technicians to bring you the best services for antenna selection and installation.