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Cut the cord with AirTV and watch TV on your terms.

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Entertainment made simple

Get the local channels you love, like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, PBS and more without a monthly bill. Watching local channels at home and on the go has never been easier—it's time to shred those cable bills and contracts!

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AirTV + Sling

Get the best of both worlds. Stream local programming alongside your favorite channels like CNN, HGTV and ESPN at home or on the go.

Sling service

Get more out of your TV

AirTV works without a paid subscription to Sling. To enhance your experience, add a Sling subscription to enjoy FREE local and paid content all in one place.

Getting started is easy!

Watching FREE TV shouldnt be hard, that's why we made AirTV simple and easy to use.

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Set up your HD antenna and connect it to your AirTV.

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Follow the steps on-screen to scan for channels and finish setup.

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Watch on supported devices using the FREE Sling app.

What you need for the best AirTV experience.

  • HD Antenna for local channel access.*
  • External hard drive for DVR functionality (AirTV 2 only).
  • HD TV for the best picture quality.
  • Broadband internet with 25Mbps (optimal).
  • Supported devices: AirTV Player, AirTV Mini, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV.
  • Download the FREE Sling app (No subscription needed for local channels).

*Local channels signal availability varies based on location.

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Free local channels.

Watch your favorite local channels without the monthly bill. Just add an HD antenna to an AirTV to access top sporting events, shows, news and more in HD.

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Need help with your antenna?

We offer a professional antenna installation service to optimize your AirTV set-up. Available nationwide. Click here to learn more.

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Ready. Set. Record.

We've made it easy to record your local channels. Add an external hard drive to any AirTV for DVR capability.

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Watch local TV anywhere.

Don't settle for just TV in the living room! With AirTV, you can watch anywhere on a tablet or mobile device with the Sling app.

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Supported devices

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Sling credit

For a limited-time receive a $25 credit towards a Sling subscription when you purchase a select AirTV product.

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Save BIG

Say goodbye to monthly bills and hidden fees. With AirTV, you can get over 100 FREE local channels.

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Cut the CORD

Free yourself from contracts and unwatched channels. Discover what AirTV and Sling have to offer.

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Stream TV to all your devices. The big screen is not just at home, its on wherever you are.

User Reviews

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Great Product
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Works very well. Easy installation. I love it. I can see my tv programs whatever I want. quotation mark
— ayipmantin

star star star star star

DVR OTA at its best
quotation mark
Extremely easy to set up. Superb Signal image and quality. Almost zero buffering. Works even on cellular network out of home on my devices... quotation mark
— jrangelesp

star star star star star

Works Great!
quotation mark
I was sick of paying for NFL Sunday Ticket to see my team play (I'm out of market). Sent a box to my parents' house who are in market for the team, and now I can stream any and all local broadcasts they are getting to their OTA HD antenna. quotation mark

star star star star

Really cool idea and worth the money
quotation mark
This is really cool. Easy to set up. Attach a HD antenna and easily hooks up to wifi once you download the app. quotation mark
— thebigorx

star star star star

30+ OTA stations integrated into the Sling app
quotation mark
This is really cool. Easy to set up. Attach a HD antenna and easily hooks up to wifi once you download the app. quotation mark
— Amazon Customer

star star star star star

Great Device
quotation mark
Worked exactly as I had hoped. I was able to place this device and one antenna in our attic. This dramatically improved our reception. Meanwhile, we got to get rid of the other antennas tied to each television. quotation mark
— rochesterian