1. What do I need to get started?

Setting up your AirTV Player is quick and easy! All you need is an HDTV, a broadband internet connection, and power of course. Follow our setup guide to get started.

2. Does AirTV Player require a Sling TV subscription?

While the AirTV Player is optimized for Sling TV, you do not need a Sling TV subscription to use it. If you do decide you want to try Sling TV, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial at any time from the AirTV Player itself!

3. Where can I buy an AirTV Player?

You can order your AirTV Player here.

4. Does the AirTV Player come with a warranty?

Yes it does! Your AirTV Player will be covered by warranty for 12 months from the date you login to Sling TV on your AirTV Player.

5. Are there monthly fees?

While some apps available on the AirTV Player charge monthly fees, the AirTV Player itself comes with no monthly costs!

6. Will the AirTV Player work with my TV?

The AirTV Player will work with all HD TVs through an HDMI cable.

7. Do I need one for each TV?

Yes, you will need an AirTV Player for each TV you want to stream video to. Fortunately, the AirTV Player is very portable and easy to move between TVs.

8. Can my AirTV Player remote control my TV?

Yes it can! The AirTV Player remote can be used to control both volume and power on most TVs and audio receivers. Follow our setup guide to get started.

9. Does the AirTV Player support 4K content?

Yes it does! Your AirTV Player can play 4K content. Keep in mind that you will also need a 4K TV to enjoy 4K content.

10. What Internet speed is required for AirTV?

We recommend a minimum download speed of at least 3 Mbps for streaming Standard Definition (SD) video and 5 Mbps for streaming High Definition (HD) video. Everyone's home network is different, however, and we recommend contacting your internet service provider with any network questions.

11. What HD Antennas are compatible with AirTV?

Any OTA antenna with a coax connection is compatible with the AirTV Player. You will need an AirTV Adapter to connect the antenna to AirTV Player. Follow our OTA setup guide to get started.

12. Is Internet required to view local channels?

Local channels do not require the internet to watch. They do, however, require an AirTV Adapter and an OTA antenna. You can purchase an AirTV Adapter here and an OTA antenna from most electronics retailers. Note that additional channels may be available through an internet connection.

13. What local channels can I pick up in my area?

While we can't guarantee which local channels you will pick up, we recommend going to antennaweb.org to see what channels may be available in your area. Remember, you will also need an AirTV adapter and an OTA antenna to watch local channels through the AirTV Player. You can purchase an AirTV Adapter here and an OTA antenna from most electronics retailers.

14. How is AirTV Player different than others in the market?

Simply put...it's awesome! The AirTV Player seamlessly integrates local and internet channels into your streaming and is the only device optimized for your Sling TV. Couple that with 4K video capabilities, an intuitive remote featuring voice search, and a plethora of apps from the Google Play store at your disposal and you have a truly unique streaming experience!

15. Can I return my AirTV Player or AirTV Adapter?

If you let us know within 30 days that the AirTV Player or AirTV Adapter isn't working for you we'll be happy to help process your return!

16. When will the software that fully integrates my local channels into the Sling TV guide be released?

The software that was demonstrated at CES is currently in testing and is expected to be released by mid-February. All existing AirTV Players will be upgraded to this software when it becomes available.