AirTV 2 - 4K Media Streamer
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to get started?
Setting up your AirTV 2 is quick and easy. All you need is a mobile phone or tablet (Android or iOS), broadband Internet connection, over-the-air antenna and power, of course! Follow our setup guide to get started.

2. What devices are compatible with AirTV 2?
Check out AirTV 2's compatible device list here for the most up to date information!

3. Will I need to use my TV to watch AirTV 2?
While some compatible devices require a TV, you can also watch AirTV 2 on mobile phones and tablets.

4. Does AirTV 2 require a Sling subscription?
While Sling enhances your AirTV 2 experience, a Sling subscription is not required.

5. Are there monthly fees?
AirTV 2 comes with no monthly costs!

6. Do I need an AirTV 2 for each device I want to watch on?
Nope! AirTV 2 utilizes your home network to wirelessly connect all your local channels to your compatible devices.

7. Does AirTV 2 play HD content?
Yes it does! Keep in mind that your local channels must be broadcast in HD for AirTV 2 to play them in this resolution.

8. What HD Antennas are compatible with AirTV 2?
Any OTA antenna with a coax connection is compatible with AirTV 2.

9. Is Internet required to view local channels?
Yes. Since AirTV 2 utilizes your home network to stream your locals to your devices, an Internet connection is necessary.

10. Where can I buy an AirTV 2?
You can order your AirTV 2 here. You can also purchase AirTV 2 at one of these locations.

11. Does the AirTV 2 come with a warranty?
It sure does! Your AirTV 2 will be covered by a warranty for 12 months from the date you activate the device through the app.

12. Can I return my AirTV 2?
If you let us know within 30 days from time of purchase, we'll be happy to help process your return.