1. Download the Sling App on an Android or iOS mobile device
  2. Sign in, or create an account with Sling™. Click here for help creating an account
  3. Open the app settings and select the "Over-the-Air Channels" option
    Sling App settings screen
  4. Click on "Set Up AirTV"
    Sling App OTA channels screen
  5. Choose to Connect through WiFi or Ethernet
    [WiFi Tip: Easiest if phone is already connected to the WiFi network the customer wants to use as their home setup]
    Set Up Your AirTV screen
  6. Follow on screen instructions to connect mobile device directly to the AirTV.
    Network setup screen
  7. For iOS Devices this step requires going to the phones settings and selecting the AirTV Network
    Screenshot of iOS WiFi selection
  8. For android devices, the AirTV network can be selected in the AirTV App
    AirTV Network selection screen - Android phones
  9. Enter your home network name and password to connect your AirTV to your home WiFi (this field will default to the network the mobile device was previously connected to [see tip above])
    Network sign-in screen
  10. After a successful connection (green checkbox), click Check for Updates
    Connection successful notification screen
  11. After updates are complete/or there are no updates, message advising latest software will appear, click continue
  12. Enter a name for your AirTV (will be displayed in the App Settings), then select Start Scan.
    Name your AirTV screen
  13. Enter the zip code the AirTV is located
    Enter zip code screen
  14. The App will remind you at this time to connect an OTA antenna. An antenna can be connected during any previous step
    Connect OTA antenna screen
  15. Selecting Next will initiate a channel scan
  16. Once complete, channels will show the frequency#, channel name (e.g. KWGN-DT), and signal strength. Select Watch TV to start watching!
    Local channels scan results

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